Salt Lake City w/ My Rapping Ass Rap Friends

Last month I grabbed a camera and hit the road with Stay Illuminated and some friends from On A High Note and The Cloudmakers. We ate BBQ and did some other things.


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In closing:

  • If you love meth, consider moving to Salt Lake City.
  • When skating the streets of SLC at 4am, don’t be surprised if the security guards offer to tow you behind their golf cart (probably hoping you give them meth). Here’s a video.
  • Sushi eaten a million miles away from the nearest ocean is as fresh as the weed in your system tells you it is. Don’t ask questions.
  • Smoking wax still makes me think people hate me.
  • It’s better for everyone in my life that I discovered Tinder after I got married.
  • If Milwaukee’s best is really Milwaukee’s best, I’m never going to Milwaukee.
  • Don’t be fooled by the zipper and spider tattoos on his skull; Tha Ynoe will fucking stab you.

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