Shooting Redman & Method Man

Shooting Redman & Method Man

By - On 08 th,Feb,2017
7 Questions: Nocando

7 Questions: Nocando

By - On 01 st,Dec,2016
On the Road w/ On A High Note

On the Road w/ On A High Note

By - On 30 th,Jul,2016

It’s really hard to sum up a person like Sean “Thesis” Eberhart, so I’m not even going to try. As is stated in his bio section on the Cloudmakers website, “He’s the man and everyone knows that shit.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. I met Sean back in 2009 when his group played after me at a show in Long Beach. I’ve been a blatant fanboy ever since, and I’m not sorry. Most known for his affiliation with a number of renowned rap crews (Cloudmakers, On A High Note, English Class Project), his appearances on The Cypher Effect a

What would happen if you were to combine some of the coldest rhymers LA’s rap scene has to offer with the cinematic prowess of Justin “Marmo” Marmorstein, whose resume includes work with Strange Music, Inc.? What would then happen if you took that combination and rolled it in something that will not be named but may or may not have been making its way around the set (rhymes with flaccid)? I’ve spent a good amount of time with the Cloudmakers, and take it from me; all they – do is – chief.

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There’s no use denying it; rap fans love lists. Almost as much as they love rap. Stuff enough rap fans in a room together and in no time at all they’ll be at each other’s throats defending their top 5. Top 5 emcees, top 5 producers, top 5 crews, top 5 albums, top 5 mixtapes, top 5 diss tracks, so on and so forth until you find yourself waiting for Jack Black and John Cusack to show up and join the debate. And the fact that they typically don’t watch movies like High Fidelity is one of the top 5 reasons most rap fans won’t get that reference.


It’s morning here. I don’t know the exact time because I don’t know exactly where I am on the globe. I don’t know what time it is where I live either, but my intuition tells me my son is getting ready for bed, somewhere between 10 hours and a full calendar day behind. Far enough behind at least that, when I go home, I’ll technically arrive before I even leave. I can never really figure out the time thing, so as far as I’m concerned it’s just today, now.

I’m writing this from a reclined

In the past way-too-long there’s been a lot of speculation on Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, the Wu-Tang Clan’s seventh studio album projected for commercial release sometime between a year ago and a day anyone old enough to still give a shit about the Wu-Tang Clan will never see because we’ll all be dead (provided science doesn’t find a way to drastically extend the average lifespan of humans, something I’d imagine the ecosystem can’t discourage enough). Now, to keep it 100, as they say, I’ve not exactly exhausted myself investigating the validity o

I recently spent four days in Melbourne. This next statement is a bold one considering how many places I’ve seen and how easily a strange city can win me over, but: I’d rather live in Melbourne, Australia than anywhere else I’ve been. New York is still my favorite place to visit, Alaska a close second, but if I had to permanently relocate, I’d waste no time adding the word “mate” to my list of cool shit to call people. I’ve truly not been to a place more accepting of free expression, and I’ve actually grown to hate that term. Expression. But

Since deciding to step away from music I’ve had more time to spend doing other things I enjoy, such as trying to power-read through the Dark Tower series. At the end of Book 1: The Gunslinger, Stephen King speaks on his process and how long it took him to complete what he considers to be his magnum opus. “… it was an unfinished work that remained viable in my own mind, and if a book isn’t alive in a writer’s mind, it is as dead as year-old horseshit even if words continue to march across the page.” I don’t write books, and I don’t know if I&#

My friend Nay and I got stoned to the gills and jumped on a 14 hour plane ride to Auckland. Something Americans should bear in mind before taking this trip is that just about everything in New Zealand is stupid expensive, even considering the fact that we’re on the winning side of the currency exchange. A below average burger is in the $15 range, a cup of coffee is $5, and a 12-pack of Heineken can run you upwards of $40. A deep-pocketed tourist can enjoy everything from boat tours to bungee jumps, but we -as per usual- decided to get drunk and walk around the city (a total of 23 mile

A ton of time ago my friend Jon sent me a track he had just finished and asked if I’d be interested in making a video for it. I’ve gotten used to being impressed by his work, but this one was different. I told him it had most if not all of the components of what I consider a perfect rap song. I’m a sucker for gradual build ups, drops in the beat, syllabic tongue-twisters, the use of the word “mah-fucka” (not to be confused with “motherfucker”), and, well, anger. Put all those in a blender and the result is exactly the stuff that makes me wan

You’re in a movie theater.

You’ve long awaited this day. You’ve watched every trailer, you’ve researched the entire cast, you even read the book. At one point it seemed like a lifetime away, and now you’re here. You’ve already traded your right arm for admission and you’ve settled into your seat with your butter-drenched cancercorn and the booze you managed to sneak in. Your stomach tightens as the lights dim and the screen goes white. It’s starting now. The only problem is, you’re not watching the movie. You’re looking at