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CLDMKRS X Marmo – “Chief”

What would happen if you were to combine some of the coldest rhymers LA’s rap scene has to offer with the cinematic prowess of Justin “Marmo” Marmorstein, whose resume includes work with Strange Music, Inc.? What would then happen if you took that combination and rolled it in something that will not be named but may or may not have been making its way around the set (rhymes with flaccid)? I’ve spent a good amount of time with the Cloudmakers, and take it from me; all they – do is – chief.

While it could be said that weed has been rapped about ad nauseam, it still makes for great music videos when done the right way. Marmo did it the right way. Most people haven’t a clue as to just how much work goes into a video that involves anything more than someone staring at the camera for five minutes, and every aspect of this video, from the props to the effects, suggests quite the undertaking. One thing rap videos don’t have enough of is blacklight face paint. Hip Hop heads will undoubtedly find Joe Mas and Adversity’s segment reminiscent of Busta Rhymes circa ’97, which is just about the brightest star anyone could shoot for in my opinion.

Let’s go ahead and address the star of the video. I don’t know what the internet has decided is the politically correct term this week, so we’ll just call him “the drummer.” We all know drummers make everything funnier, but that’s no ordinary drummer. That’s On A High Note’s own DJ Kaunn, and he’ll fuck you up.

With Hip Hop comes high expectations, and one of the things it’s supposed to be is fun. Not all the time, but at least half the time. If you can’t have fun watching this video then you’re taking yourself too seriously and we’ll probably never hang out. So, in the exalted words of Thesis, “Fuck, shit, fuck with me, boy.”

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