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A few weeks ago, I met up with several of my friends at Stay Illuminated headquarters in the Valley to do the Crappy Awesome Podcast. It turned into a BBQ, which turned into a drunken, impromptu photo shoot. I only hang out with creative people who motivate and inspire me, people who choose to do cool things with the time they have. Find dope people and make them your friends.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot two of my favorite rappers of all time at The Observatory in Santa Ana. I’m not above being starstruck and I’m happy about that. These guys are some of the last ones left. Method Man is a living Hip Hop almanac and if there were a Bible for rap music (and there should be one), it wouldn’t be complete without the book of Method Man. Then there’s Redman. Redman is the quintessential emcee. For someone on his level, someone who’s made records with everyone from Biggie and 2pac to Eminem, KRS

If, back in 2009, while I waited in a Best Buy checkout line, Abstract Rude’s newly released “Rejuvenation” album in one hand and my wallet in the other, you told me a day would come when I’d actually call Abstract Rude on his personal cell, I would’ve said: Of course that will happen; I’m going to be fucking famous. Well, it’s 2017 now, and I’m still not famous. The good news for you, however, is that, had that actually happened, you’d be a fortune teller, and everyone knows fortune tellers get wicked laid.

I went to sleep just under 3 hours ago and now I’m sitting at my desk with a view of the city, watching it come more and more alive as the sun announces the start of a new day. My eyes are heavy and my body is sore but I’m not tired. It could be the pot of coffee in my stomach or last night’s poor decisions still working the tail end of their magic through my system. It might be pure adrenaline or simply my refusal to fall over. It could be a combination of those things, but more than anything, I know what’s keeping me awake is the knowl

Traveling with On A High Note isn’t much different from traveling with the circus. I’ve never traveled with the circus, but making baseless claims is kind of my forte, so the comparison totally works. Frankly, if drugs, nudity, incessant weed smoke, and screaming women doesn’t sound like the circus, then I’m glad I’ve never bothered to travel with the circus. I wager it wouldn’t take much effort to gather a small army of people anxiously jumping at the opportunity to hit the road with this gang of talented, mic-hungry freaks

From the first time I walked through its doors on Santa Monica Blvd, past Bear the bouncer who resembles Ving Rhames circa Pulp Fiction, past the small ticket window and through the black curtain that hangs beside it, my camera in hand, The Dragonfly has been my nemesis. It’s one of my favorite venues when playing performer or concert-goer, but as a photographer it’s always been a nightmare. It’s pretty universally agreed upon that concert photography is one of the most difficult forms of picture taking any poor, wide-eyed bastard with pipe d

I’d seen the name “Muds One” on a growing number of music videos, some with play counts reaching well into the hundreds of thousands, credited with everything from the directing to the filming and the editing. We met in person at a show in LA and I was stoked to learn that he was a regular reader of my blog. We’d since exchanged some tweets discussing nerdy camera shit but I’d most recently seen him in Salt Lake City when I went on the road last month with On A High Note. He asked me to take photos of him and his friend Vile and I immediatel

Last month I grabbed a camera and hit the road with Stay Illuminated and some friends from On A High Note and The Cloudmakers. We ate BBQ and did some other things.

In closing:

If you love meth, consider moving to Salt Lake City. When skating the streets of SLC at 4am, don’t be surprised if the security guards offer to tow you behind their golf cart (probably hoping you give them meth). Here’s a video. Sushi eate

Intuition, who you might know as one of My Favorite Rappers of the Last Decade, rarely plays shows. I always seem to be in another part of the world when he does. So when it was announced that he and Equalibrum would be performing in San Francisco on a weekend I just happened to have free, I knew what I had to do. Mind you, the last time I caught this guy’s live show was at Paid Dues 2011, and he’s since released a slew of material including an official album that’s essentially perfect. Oddly enough, I’d recently gotten the urge to visit San Francisco and had been l

I recently spent four days in Melbourne. This next statement is a bold one considering how many places I’ve seen and how easily a strange city can win me over, but: I’d rather live in Melbourne, Australia than anywhere else I’ve been. New York is still my favorite place to visit, Alaska a close second, but if I had to permanently relocate, I’d waste no time adding the word “mate” to my list of cool shit to call people. I’ve truly not been to a place more accepting of free expression, and I’ve actually grown to hate that term. Expression. But