The Author

Zack “Gadzooks” Deschain lives in Southern California with his family and writes about himself in the third-person to sound important. At the tender age of 10 months he won first place in a baby pageant, the results of which were a handsome trophy and an unquenchable thirst for love and admiration. After spending the better part of a decade doing the whole self-absorbed musician thing, he decided to pursue a degree in journalism so he could do the whole self-absorbed journalist thing. He takes pictures, hosts 2 podcasts, is writing some books, and will probably make a movie. He’s a lifelong rap nerd with strong opinions.

The Mission

It’s been said that any self-respecting blog should have a clearly defined mission statement. However, my old golf buddy Jay-Z once told me that made men ain’t supposed to make statements, so this is less a mission statement and more an acknowledgment that this blog really has no mission. A little bit of this mixed with a little bit of that is what you’ll find here. People love boxes and I made my wife promise to have me cremated so I’d never have to go in one.

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